This could be based on the song's lyrics or a completely different (story-driven) idea.

Jan 13, 2023 · Here are some general steps you can follow to make a music video: Develop a concept.

' "We have tried something different with the video. There are many performance based videos.

You practically stay in a single place all through the time to take the shots and make all the movements you want with your artists.

Incorporate special

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. Rock - Dark, passive aggressive, black leather clothing, male dominated genre. Apr 25, 2019 · Lil Dicky’s concept-based music videos have become a highly-anticipated item in the music community.


Performance. A narrative music video will often use intertextuality and sometimes mimics film genres. Below are some videos that relate to each of the categories.

This Music Video concept of the green screen is a new form of technology. A Concept music video is an alternative approach for alternative artists.


Work with a talented and experienced team.

These videos can feature the artists performing, but they are not the main focus. .

Conceptual Music Videos. .


. Performance. The Philadelphia-born, University of Richmond-educated rapper racked up 119 million views on.

. Types of music videos Narrative Narrative music videos tend to be very cinematic, in that you are creating a short film to cover a duration of 3-4 minutes. . . The ones I will be looking at are: performance, narrative and concept based. .

This video presents a simple, but unique and creative way of presenting a musical performance within an artistic concept.

. This particular style of music video is a technique that rock bands use.

This is a rather high-concept example but an ingenious one nonetheless.

By doing a concept based music video sometimes it stands out alot more than others.

A performance based video shows the artist/band/group performance throughout the song and sometimes can play throughout the whole video.

The Philadelphia-born, University of Richmond-educated rapper racked up 119 million views on.

Concept Based A concept based music video is a video that is not either perfomance based or narrative based but normally a mix of the two.